Currently all kittens have been placed.  We are hoping to have another litter in the Fall of 2011, so please check back then for our new baby kitties!

If you just can't wait that long to get a Peterbald kitten, feel free to email me and I can point you to other breeders who may have kittens available.

The Princess

People who've told you cloning cats is impossible have lied, because this little girl is the spitting image of her mom, and has the same personality to boot!  The firstborn and only girl, she is always sure to keep her brothers in line and has no problem roughing and toughing with the boys. 

This little girl is going to stay with us to hopefully be a mom herself someday!

The Heart-Throb (Justin Bieber)

Even though he's the smallest of the litter, this boy is by no means calm or quiet.  He's full of energy and is determined to keep up with his bigger brothers and sister.  He is a super sweet cuddler and loves to nestle with his head on your shoulder. 

This little boy has gone to live in a breeder home in Texas. We are so excited for him to be a daddy someday! 

The Wild Child (Tiger)

Tiger is the leader of the pack.  He's the biggest and most adventurous of the bunch, and is always the first to get into trouble!  But this little guy has a soft side too, and when he's tired from romping with his siblings, he will purringly climb into your arms for a nap.  He is a straight coat, but if he had a Peterbald coat, he would be the pick of the litter! 

Tiger has gone to live with his very own little girl right here in Illinois! 

The Ninja

Nick-named in honor of his Grandfather, our little Ninja was blessed with gorgeous jet-black coat.  He is the most independent of the litter, and is not afraid to explore the deepest and darkest corners of my closet!  He is also the brightest kitten of the litter and has already figured out how to open the kitchen cabinets.  He is a very loving sibling and follows his sister around to make sure she doesn't get in too much trouble. 

This liitle guy has gone to Canada to live with the wonderful Amanda!


Annamaesflowers GusGus of Explorer

Personality wise, you couldn't ask for more of a clown.  He loves attention and definitely knows how to ham-it-up for the crowd!  He likes people more than other cats, so he would do best in a home where he could be an only child, or have maybe just one other feline sibling.  He does gets along with the canine sort quite well (better than the feline, in fact!).

Gus has gone to live with Nicole in Indiana where he will be spoiled rotten by her family!