Angelica Grace of Explorer
Seal-Point Female
Light Brush/Heavy Flock combination coat

From the moment I met Angelica, I knew she would be a spitfire!  This girl is full of energy and always into mischief!  She will play for hours on end and is not shy about letting you know when she is bored and craving more attention.

Annamaesflowers GusGus of Explorer
Blue Male Alter

Gus is a cuddly little lovebug.  His biggest goal in life is finding somewhere warm to lounge; whether it's on your lap, inside your sweater, or curled up in the sun, this boy knows how to relax in style. 

Gus is enjoying an early retirement in Indiana!

Purrfound Sensai of Explorer
Black Spotted Tabby Male Alter
Light Brush

Sensai is a beautiful boy who is now retired.   He is happily living in his new home in Ohio with his half sister and another Peterbald!

Explorer Egyption Princess
Seal-Point Female
Light Brush/Heavy Flock combination coat

This little girl is the spitting image of her mom, and has her mom's spunk to boot!  She is still a growing girl, but we are hoping she will turn out to be a wonderful momma cat someday!

More Pictures of the Princess to Come!